-=- Links -=-

So, you found my homepage boring? I don't blame you. Here's some links for you to visit.

Here's some people I know. Sorta.

Elda Aldori
7th Heaven
y3nr4b's homepage
useless content
Professor Falken's homepage

And here's some miscellaneous cool crap.

Glassdog, a kickass site.
Warehouse 23
I don't know him too well, but hey, he goes to my school. Obligatory link.
Someone who really likes Top Ramen
The funniest damn site on the internet, Blackout's box.

Is your page missing from this list? Email me, and I'll add it. Unless I don't like you, don't know you, or think you happen to be stalking me for some reason beyond my knowledge. Isn't the blink tag annoying?