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"Help me kill Barney. Now." -Me, again.

   Hello, and welcome to my crappy excuse for a home page. My name is Mike Sartin. I redesigned this page, yay. Let's just cut the crap and tell how to contact me in case you know me or something, shall we? But before all that, sign the guestbook.

Email me if you like. Although I don't know why you'd want to.

If you don't feel like opening your mail client, my ICQ number is 6889842.

I found a way to crash Netscape Communicator 4.04. Click here.

The famous About Me page that doesn't exist. This link was put here as a special request by yenrab. Rah.

Now just click the 'links' button and leave already.

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This site was made with the help of DiDa!. Yeesh, it's 4:38 in the morning. I'll never be able to get up. I blame the coffee god. Nobody reads small print. Go away.